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You are listening to Prelude to an Allegro for clarinet solo and wind ensemble. There is plenty of space for the clarinet to have room to perform with expression and energy without being covered by the ensemble. Listed below are a number of new publications and a reminder about material that you may not be familiar with.


Oboe students should check out Gnosienne by Eric Satie. College and professional players need to check out Martha, Fantasy for Oboe and Concert Band by Lalliet. For the beginner, “Three Easy Pieces” for oboe and piano. This includes a performance/play along CD.


Check out these clarinet selections: Prelude to an Allegro for Clarinet and Piano is a grade 4 piece that is ideal for the high school student and is on the NYSSMA contest list. This piece is reviewed in the March issue of "The Clarinet Magazine."

For contest performances, check out our Contest Abridged Series. These are 6 of the major pieces for clarinet that are arranged and edited for length without damaging the content of the piece. 

Concerto No. 3 in Bb Major by Stamitz
Concertino,Op. 26 by Von Weber
Concerto No. 1, first movement, Von Weber
Concerto No. 1, 3rd Movement, Von Weber
Concerto K. 622, 1st Movement, W. A. Mozart
Concerto K. 622, 3rd Movement, by Mozart

 These are listed by degree of difficulty. All are ideal for contest performance. The measures are numbered and the package comes with a play along CD, a judges copy, clarinet and piano parts. All that is needed is practice by the student!


Golliwogg’s Cake Walk by Debussy, from the Children’s Corner. This classic for your clarinet choir. Have you heard this!

On the Texas list, With Pride and Grace by Eric Rath. Premiered at the Midwest Clinic. Give this a listen and you will want to perform this piece.

Intermezzo No. 2, Clarinet Choir by Vaily Kalimnokov This has been transcribed from “Two Intermezzo’s” for Orchestra. Arranger Gary Bricault has prepared this selection of delightful material.


Romanian Folk Dances by Bela Bartok is arranged for a full flute choir instrumentation of piccolo, three flutes, two alto flutes, two bass flutes, and the low sounds of the contra alto flute and the contrabass flute. Each group is vital and various solos and features appear with each combination. There are a large number of changes of instrumental combinations which produce a variety of tonal colors throughout the piece. Don’t miss this piece.

Three Meditations on Southern Harmony are hymns arranged for flute choir. This is ideal for performances at both concerts and church programs. Give a listen.

Dance of the Cygnets is for full flute choir with contra bass flute. This was a winner in the 2019 National Flute Association Competition for Newly Published Music.

Jimbo's Lullaby is a feature for the contra bass flute. Premiered at the 2014 NFA conference.


Several new saxophone choirs are available. Gary Bricault’s arrangements for saxophone choir have been performed in England, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Finland, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and throughout the United States at multiple universities and colleges. His arrangements also appear on the contest lists in Indiana (ISMMA), as well as works on lists in New York (NYSSMA), Florida and Texas.

Check out these new pieces for your saxophone choir: 

Symphony No. 2, Movment III, Scherzo by Charles Gounod
Magic Flute Overture, W. A. Mozart
Colonial Song by Percy Aldridge Grainger
Rialto Ripples by Geroge Greshwin.
Berceuse. Movement II, from "Caucasian Sketches Suite No. 2
Opus 43 by Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov.

Finally, Intermezzo No. 2, for Saxophone Choir by Vaily Kalimnokov. Also prepared by arranger Gary Bricault, this piece of delightful material was transcribed from Two Intermezzos” for Orchestra.


Check out Lakeside Fanfare by Canadian composer John W. N. Palmer. This selection is for full brass choir plus percussion Also listen to Prelude in Brass to Fur Elise arranged by George Roumanis, known for his music in numerous television series. This interpretation of the Beethoven classic is on various contest lists.


Fanfare For A Celebration was written a for a wedding celebration. It is also outstanding for any concert program. Exciting piece requiring woodwind skills.

America, the Beautiful is arranged for flute, clarinet and piano. Great piece for patriotic occasions or concerts.


Ritual Celebration by Donald Coakley is now available. Coakley has produced this exciting piece which is ideal for High School bands for contest or concerts. A great experience for both students and conductor.

Songs of the Tall Ships by George Rowe IV presents great entertainment for your audience and a challenge for the band. Exciting material and orchestration of these selections.

Fanfare to the Stars by Chandler Wilson. Your students will enjoy this work and it is on Smart Music to improve their practice skills.

Blithe Bells by Percy A. Grainger and arranged by Kevin Kastens is a must play for top level groups. This is also available for students using Smart Music. An excellent challenge for the conductor and players.


A Sprightly Dance is a contemporary piece that is ideal for contest presentation. On the ISSMA list.

We Will Remember Them is on several contest lists. Three pieces that are ideal for the student flutist.

Intervention, by Joni Greene for solo flute. For the college or professional flutist. Give this a listen.


If you have material which you feel is publication quality, use the Submissions link at the bottom of this page and we will check back with you.


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