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Welcome to BRS Music.

Welcome to BRS Music. Take a look at our materials, listen to them and check back often with us for future releases. Each selection on our web site has an MP3 recording and a sample pages in PDF format. On this page you can see and hear some of our newest publications plus several that you may have missed in the past.

Hear the entire performance of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse here.


Four Horseman of the Apocalypse for trombone quartet and Wind Ensemble. The piece was premiered by the Blue Ridge trombone Quartet on October 3, 2018 at the University of Arkansas with the University of Arkansas wind ensemble under the direction of Dr. Chris Knighten. Recent performances have been by the U. S. Army Band at the 2019 American Trombone Workshop.

Sound Bites for Trombone, Winds, and Percussion is by Donald Coakley. This is a four movements piece written for the three sections that make up the band, with the final movement for the full band which features a final cadenza for the soloist. An excellent piece to feature an outstanding trombonist

Thank You For Your Service is a Patriotic march recognizing U. S. Service Members. Band parts plus optional words for vocalist or a group of singers.

We’re the U. S. Postal Service March is a march which recognizes the postal workers. Band parts plus optional words for vocalist or a group of singers. Written in march style, Carl Bolte Jr. has created two tributes to Postal Workers and our Service Members.


For the advanced flute choir, Busy, Really Busy will demonstrate the hustle of today's life style through the music of the flute choir. This piece is a 2018 National Flute Association Honorable Mention for 2018. Give it a click and listen!

Dance of the Cygnets from Swan Lake, Op. 20, by Peter I. Tchaikovsky, is arranged for flute choir with an instrumentation of 2 piccolos, 3 flutes, 3 alto flutes, bass flute, and optional contrabass flute and contra alto flute. Great contrast is demonstrated in this arrangement with solos, duets and ensemble combinations. This is a winner in the National Flute Association newly published music for 2019.


Giraffe Minuet, Alto Flute Duet by Mark Ballora. Commissioned by Naomi Seidman and Agatha Wang in honor of Eleanor Duncan Armstrong. This work features contemporary techniques include flutter tonguing and tongue pizzicato explained in the notes, Comes with two scores.


A Sprightly Dance, flute, piano by Bruce W. Tippette. This contemporary feature is an excellent contest solo for the flutist and a great step into performing with contemporary harmony and piano accompaniment. This is on the ISSMA list.

Sonata, for Flute and Piano by Joe Cavanagh is a jazz flavored piece in Brazilian style. Flutists looking for a great change of pace to their repertoire will need this piece in their library. Honorable mention, NFA 2006 Newly Published Music Competition.


Divertimento No. 14 K. 270, is the most sophisticated of Mozart’s sextets, or divertimenti, composed in January, 1777 while in Salzburg. This is his the fifth and final divertimento. Gary Bricault has arranged this clarinet ensemble which consists of 4 clarinets, alto-clarinet, and bass clarinet.

"Unravel", Clarinet Octet, for clarinet ensemble consisting of two groups. Total instrumentation is 4 clarinets, 2 Basset Horns in F or alto clarinets, and 2 bass clarinets. Written by composer Noah Potter, you can read a review of this piece in the June issue of The Clarinet Magazine where it states “This work should provide an unusual aural and visual experience for any audience. Highly recommended! Review done by Robert Chesebro.


Little March, is a contemporary march requiring technique. The audience will remember the melodic elements of this piece. College and professional ensembles will find a definite position for this selection in their programing. By Alex Millet.


Rialto Ripples, an arrangement by Gary Bricault, provides the musicians the opportunity to experience the wonderful ragtime music of the Tin Pan Alley era. A great piece for an encore or to give variety to a heavy program. Instrumentation is sopranino, 2 soprano, 2 alto, 2 tenor, 2 baritone and optional bass saxophone.

Berceuse - Mvt II provides the ensemble an opportunity to bring out the beautiful flowing main theme against the underlying moving harmony. Sopranino, 2 soprano. 4 alto, 2 tenor, 2 baritone, optional bass saxophone and timpani. Arrangement by Gary Bricault.

Karelia Suite, has been arranged for saxophone choir by Gary Bricault. Jean Sibelius’s Karelia Suite, Op. 11 was written in 1893 for the Viipuri Students’ Association. The suite is one of Sibelius’s earlier works and remains one of his most popular. Sopranino, 2 soprano, 4 altos, 2 tenors, 2 baritone sax, 1 bass sax, timpani, tambourine, triangle, bass drum and cymbals. Arranged by Gary Bricault


Four Settings in a Primeval Forest, Written for Saxophone Quartet, Four Settings was composed in the summer of 2017. The music in each of the movements is loosely derived from the titles which evoke a scene in and around an old-growth forest. The many soloistic passages are distributed throughout the quartet and are designed to exploit the unique timbres that each saxophone provides even in the extremes of its range. Written by Jeff Cortazzo


Fanfare and Remembrance is a large epic score with a blazing fanfare, It features a victorious opening, followed by a quiet hymn of remembrance on distant horns. This elegy builds to a climax and ends on a triumphant note of hope. On the Indiana State School Music Association contest list, group II. By Stephen Main.

Promenade by R. Christopher Teichler opens with a luscious clarinet solo followed later by an oboe solo and then the strings. This selection is written with consideration of the techniques of students. Performed at the Midwest clinic in 2010. Ideal for your concert. Listen to this on our web site.


Revolutionary War Medley has been arranged for string orchestra. A medley of tunes from the Revolutionary War. Includes tenor drum. A good way to connect with a student’s history classes. Composed by Marsha Chusmir Shapiro. Also check out World War I March Medley for string orchestra and snare drum. Selections from the time period of World War I.

Gentlemen’s Waltz by Donna Hauge is ideal for your young string group. This has a great melody and a part for an advanced violin..


The Barley Grain – Band, Grade 3. Irish selections. Very nice program selection.

Fanfare in E Flat – Band, Grade 4+. Transcription of this organ piece. If you have the players go for it.


If you have material which you feel is publication quality, use the Submissions link at the bottom of this page and we will check back with you.


Use the contact us for information on dealer policy. Send us your address information and we will contact you about ordering from BRS Music, Inc.

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