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Welcome to BRS Music.

Welcome to BRS Music. Take a look at our materials, listen to them and check back often with us for future releases.

You are listening to Fanfare to The Stars by Chandler Wilson. This selection is on SmartMusic for your students to prepare their parts.


Check out On Stony Ridge by Jeff Cortazzo. This is a major work that gives a full range of the musical experience. A great challenge for the bandsmen and their conductor.

Give a listen to Through A Glass Darkly by Dianne Whitacre. This presentation shows off the full instrumentation of the band.


A Frolic, a Song, and Three Dances by Rick Hirsch is a five movement piece for piccolo, 3 flutes, alto, bass and optional contrabass flute. Excellent material for the mature flute choir.

Concerto in E Minor by Georg Philipp Telemann is a four movement piece that can be performed in its complete version or by performing either movements 1 and 2 or movements 3 and 4 together. A definite challenge for your flute choir.


Four Pictures from Scotland is ideal for a recital piece or contest selection. This is appearing on several state contest lists. Give a listen to this contemporary selection by David Barton.

Sonata Op. 1, No. 6, Benedetto Marcello, for bass clarinet and piano is on a number of state lists including Texas and Indiana. This is also available for bass clarinet.


Canzona is a Contrabass Clarinet Solo with clarinet choir. This can be performed by either Bb or Eb Contra Alto Clarinet. It uses contemporary techniques of composition, in particular using the inversion of themes throughout the piece and cluster chords taken from the melodic material of the contrabass part. Tight dissonances in the parts quickly resolve to a more placid sound. The piece features a cadenza by the soloist and ends with a brief review of second theme from the piece.


Pavane, Op. 50 for soprano saxophone and piano by Gabriel Faure is a classisc melody prepared for the soprano. .

Sonata Op. 1, No. 6, Benedetto Marcello, for baritone sax and piano is on a number of state lists including Texas and Indiana. This is also available for bass clarinet.


New for saxophone choir is Coronation March by Peter Tchaikovsky, arranged by Gary Bricault .

The great Maurice Ravel piece, Ma Mere L’Oye (Mother Goose Suite) is a major work for saxophone choir. This excellent recording is by the Frost School of Music saxophone choir. Great listening and a tremendous arrangement by Gary Bricault.


Composer Marsha Chusmir Shapiro has prepared a new pieces for string orchestra. Take some time to listen to:  Avatar for string orchestra. Grade 1. This is an excellent selection to use with your new students.

Also new at this time is Gentlemen's Waltz, grade 1 by Donna Hogue for string orchestra. This is a grade 1 piece and has an optional advanced violin 1 part which is optional. Nice functional material for your young students.

Ryleigh's Waltz for String Orchestra by Marsha Chusmir Shapiro was the winner of the 2017 South Carolina Music Educators Association Grade 1 Sight Reading String Orchestra Composition Project. This horizontal structure of composition gives each student interesting and “hearable” parts with which to develop their technique.


Fugue in G Major for String Quartet by .J. S. Bach. Arranger Gary Bricault has prepared this excellent edition of the Bach classic. Ideal for solo and ensemble contests.


New for brass choir is Coronation March, by Peter Tchaikovsky and arranged by Gary Bricault. The March was written for the Holy Coronation of The Emperor Alekandr Aleksandrovich and Her Highness The Empress Nariia Fedorovan. Standard brass choir plus percussion.


Jeff Cortazzo has written another excellent quartet for trombones. Arpeggiatic Suite was selected to be the 2018 quartet competition piece for the American Trombone Workshop. Get your copy now and enter your group in the workshop competition.


Three Neat Pieces for French Horn by Donald Coakley is a three movement piece that features contemporary harmonic practices.


Check out the following selection:

  • Aba-Zulu by Jukka Viitasaari is written for 5 trumpets and 1 flugelhorn. This is a challenging and entertaining feature.
  • North for brass quintet by Joe Cavanagh is a quality selection. If you are not familiar with this selection you need to give it a listen.


If you have material which you feel is publication quality, use the Submissions link at the bottom of this page and we will check back with you.


Use the contact us for information on dealer policy. Send us your address information and we will contact you about ordering from BRS Music, Inc.

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